Informing the public about rail as an integral part of Washington state's transportation solutions.


Below are some documents that provide information about Amtrak Cascades, the East-West passenger rail project, and the proposed Northwest High-Speed Rail system.

1992 Washington High Speed Ground Transportation Study (PDF)

2001 WSDOT East-West Passenger Rail Feasibility Study (PDF)

2006 Amtrak Cascades Long-Range Plan (PDF)

2014 Washington State Rail Plan 2013-2035 (PDF)

2016 WSDOT Station Stop Policy Guidance Document (PDF)

2017 Central Washington Stampede Pass Study (PDF)

2019 Ultra High-Speed Ground Transportation Business Case Executive Summary (PDF) + Final Analysis (PDF)

2019 Washington State Rail System Plan (PDF)

2020 Final Report: Feasibility of an East-West Intercity Passenger Rail System for Washington State (PDF)