Promoting rail as an integral part of Washington state's transportation solutions.

AAWA Policy Positions

Transportation Priorities

The public needs its elected officials to make the hard choices necessary to turn our hard-earned, limited dollars into a functional transportation system.

Restoring Cascades Service Levels

AAWA urges WSDOT, Amtrak, and ODOT to replace the trainset lost in the Cascades 501 accident and to restart service on the Point Defiance Bypass at the December 2017 planned running time and frequency of service as soon as possible.

Cascades Service Improvements

AAWA believes we need to make Amtrak Cascades service safer, more comfortable, more reliable, faster, and more frequent.

Transportation Funding

AAWA believes Washington must take a new approach to funding its transportation improvements.

Intermodal Connectivity for Rail Passengers

AAWA believes that one of the greatest opportunities for improving America’s mobility over the next decade is in the area of intermodal connectivity with intercity passenger rail.

Regional Cooperation

Local, state, provincial, and national agencies need to work together to realize Amtrak Cascades' full potential and maximize its benefits.

High-Speed Rail

AAWA supports High-Speed Rail (HSR) as part of a balanced, multimodal transportation network that addresses the needs of all Washingtonians in a fiscally responsible manner. Planning and implementing a useful HSR system should be a priority to improve our region’s long-term economic health, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and provide a safer alternative to driving.