Promoting rail as an integral part of Washington state's transportation solutions.


Our Goal

Our goal is to promote development of Washington’s passenger rail system to benefit the public. We want reliable, frequent service connecting communities of all sizes, on both sides of the Cascades. To do this, we want to improve the existing rail network while working toward advanced, high-speed service in the future. This will give the people of Washington improved mobility now and for the long term.

Our Priorities

We advocate:

  •  Safety, including the completion and implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC).
  •  Frequency, with more passenger trains on existing routes.
  •  Better information, such as train status boards at all stations.
  •  Speed, with travel times that are competitive with driving.
  •  On-time performance, so that riders know when they'll arrive.
  •  Serving more communities, like Blaine.
  •  Close cooperation between passenger and freight railroad operators, businesses, community groups, and advocacy organizations in our state and elsewhere.
  •  Expansion, with Yakima Valley service via Stampede Pass.

Who We Are

For over forty years, All Aboard Washington (AAWA), previously known as the Washington Association of Rail Passengers (WashARP), has promoted better passenger and freight rail service in the Pacific Northwest. As a nonprofit advocacy organization of citizens, businesses, and other goal-oriented groups, we have a strong record of getting things done in Olympia. We are especially active supporters of intercity passenger rail service and intermodal connections to local transit.

Our membership is comprised of citizens, businesses, and other groups that share our goals. We have a Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with Cascadia Center. We have a strong track record of getting things done in Olympia.

What We’ve Done

We have successfully advocated for such projects as:

  • County Rail Districts (2018): AAWA supported the amendment to RCW 36.60 in 2001, allowing County Rail Districts (CRDs) to facilitate passenger as well as freight service.
  • Proviso (2018): Collaborated with the Washington State Legislative Rail Caucus (LRC) to introduce a proviso to the state transportation budget, advocating for an initiative to re-establish passenger rail service through the Yakima Valley to Eastern Washington.
  • Stampede Pass Study (2017): Funded a Central Washington University research project studying local sentiment toward re-establishing passenger rail service in the Yakima Valley between Seattle and Pasco. Find the study at:
  • Amtrak Cascades startup (1994): WashARP worked with the state and Amtrak to restart regional service using advanced Talgo equipment. The service was extended to Vancouver, BC in 1995, with a second daily round-trip beginning in 2010.
  • Centennial Station (1993): WashARP was instrumental in the grassroots creation of this privately-funded station serving Lacey and Olympia.

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